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Welcome to the exciting world of USA Unlimited and the Mr. Gay USA Contest! To those of you who have competed in a USA Unlimited contest in the past, welcome back. If this is your first year at a USA Unlimited event, we would like to welcome you to our family, youíre going to have a blast!

 Weíre extremely excited at the amazing level of competition we see each year at the Mr. Gay USA contest. The new holder of this title will have big shoes to fill, as each of the former Mr. Gay USA's have put quite a unique and lasting mark on the crown.

If you have any questions that you donít find answered here, please contact:

 Sam Hare at or Jeff Reeves at:

 You will find the answers for many of your questions here, and if not then the contact Sam or Jeff or any USA Unlimited board member via email or phone. they will surely point you in the direction.

Good luck and remember to have fun as you work hard at achieving this goal,

Jeff Reeves

& The USA Unlimited Board of Directors


Rules & Regulations

Contestants must be males at least 18 years of age by the Final Night of the contest and able to show proof of age.

Judging for the preliminary nights will be on a total point accumulation system. Final night will be scored using the standard USA Unlimited comparative scoring system. The contestant with the highest talent score will break any ties.

Contestants will be judged in the following categories:
a. Personal Interview
b. Club Wear
c. Talent
d. Swim Wear

Talent presentation will be limited to seven (7) minutes. There will be no use of large props during this competition, only small & hand held props are allowed. Talents over seven (7) minutes will have administrative points deducted.

Any type of talent presentation is acceptable, except those that may cause injury to the audience or any other person. No excessive glitter, fire, or water may be used in any talent. No live animals or reptiles may be used in a talent. Music MUST be turned in on CD. You should have your talent number recorded as Track 1 of your CD and your crowning number on Track 2 of the same CD. Do not use commercial CDís or have any other music on these CDís.

The use of, or dispensing of illegal drugs or marijuana will not be tolerated while a contestant is participating in the Mr. Gay USA contest. Immediate disqualification will result for those that break this rule.

Any contestant that is not in the appointed place at the appointed time will lose administrative points.

Any contestant, contestantís dancer, helper, etc. who is caught in the act of stealing or tampering with another personís possessions will be immediately disqualified and removed from the location of the contest.

USA Unlimited reserves the right to make any decision concerning any matter not covered by these rules and regulations.

Mr. Gay USA will be required to sign a contract with USA Unlimited before ANY prize money is paid. Failure to sign the contract will mean the forfeiture of the title. The contract is enclosed. Please review it.

Any contestant in the Top 5 NOT staying on stage for the entire crowning and picture taking will forfeit their placement and prize money.

Within 7 days of winning the contest, Mr. Gay USA 2005 must have and maintain an email address and cell phone for the entire length of their reign.

Any contestant, who has qualified to attend a USA Unlimited National Contest and fails to attend, may not compete in any USA Unlimited contest preliminary for one full year without the permission of the USA Unlimited Board of Directors.


ALL contestants are required to secure accommodations for the nights of the Mr. Gay USA Contest. The Ramada Inn will be the host hotel for the Mr. Gay USA 2005 contest.


The Ramada Inn
1607 Fairgrove Church Road
Conover, NC 28613

(828) 465 1100

All reservations must be made by directly calling the Ramada Inn, so check with your promoter on the status of your room if one is being provided for you. The rate of the rooms is $55 per room per night plus tax. These reservations must be made by July 27th to receive the special Mr. Gay USA discounted rate. If you do not stay in the host hotel, you will lose administrative points. Jeff Reeves must make any exceptions to this rule. Donít forget to ask specifically for the Mr. Gay USA room rate.


Contestants do not have to pay for admission to The Club Cabaret at any time during the competition. All dressing room assistants, dancers, prop personnel, managers, lovers, etc. must pay admission to the contest. The Club Cabaret is an 18 and over club. ALL persons entering the venue must have a valid ID.

At the mandatory registration you will be able to purchase passes for all of your dancers. Week long passes will be available for this event.


This year, applications may be submitted electronically to USA Unlimited via the Internet. You may go to the application link on this website and follow the instructions and your application will be submitted. You will receive and electronic confirmation after the information is transmitted. The deadline for filing your applications on-line is July 27, 2005. All entry fees must be submitted to the NC office of USA Unlimited, unless otherwise instructed. If you have any questions about this procedure, please contact the USA Unlimited webmaster, listed on the bottom of this page or any other page on this website. All entry fee questions or issues must be discussed with Jeff Reeves personally.

Cash Prizes

Top Three Finalists

2nd Alternate $250

1st Alternate $750

Winner $2000*

All winners must be prepared to present ID and Social Security number when receiving prize money. All prize money will be distributed at a location to be announced following the crowning of Mr. Gay USA.

* Mr. Gay USA will receive $1500 upon winning the crown and the balance of the prize money after having completed the obligations of the reign, which include being present at and performing all of the nights of Mr. Gay USA Contest the following year.

Contestant Coordinator

This year USA Unlimited will provide a group contestant coordinator to assist you during the time in Hickory, NC. Their job will be to ensure that you have a positive and enjoyable time during your contest experience. While at the contest, they will be your point of contact with USA Unlimited. They will be available to all contestants as well during the Interview times. If you have any questions, problems, or ideas, please direct them to this person first. They will try to get your problem solved; questions answered, or point you in the right direction. They will be reporting to the staff daily on all matters. This person will be announced at Registration.

Club Wear Competition

Club Wear is defined as outfits that are worn to clubs in the United States. They may vary from full leather outfit to sequined shorts and a rhinestone tank top, to blue jeans and a flannel shirt. The judges are looking for style, fit, and presentation. The use of large props in this category is not allowed. Each contestant will model individually for the judges, and then be brought back in their group for collective judging (collective on final night only). This is your chance to show your style and individuality.

Judging of Club Wear in the Preliminary Competition will be broken down into three sub-categories:

(a) Fit / Suitability - Up to 12 points can be awarded per judge
(b) Hair Style / Outfit Accessories - Up to 3 points can be awarded per judge
(c) Stage Presence / Modeling - Up to 5 points can be awarded per judge

Swim Wear Competition

Swimwear is not a bodybuilding contest. The judges will be looking for overall physical fitness, confidence, poise, and fit of swimwear. Most types of swimwear are acceptable: briefs, square cuts, box cuts, Bermuda shorts, string bikinis, and Speedos. Thongs are not allowed. Each contestant will compete individually in front of the judges, and then be brought back in a group comparative judging (final night only). Back up persons will not be allowed on stage during this category.

Judging of Swim Wear in the Preliminary Competition will be broken down into four sub-categories:
(a) Cut / Fit - Up to 10 points can be awarded per judge
(b) Style / Fit - Up to 10 points can be awarded per judge
(c) Stage Presence / Modeling - Up to 5 points can be awarded per judge
(d) Physical Fitness - Up to 5 points can be awarded per judge

General Information

It is very important to remember to have a checklist of items youíll need at the national contest and to bring things like extra towels from home to remove any stage make-up. The hotel will charge your room for any make-up stained towels.

Remember to print out this handbook and bring it with you to the national contest in August. It has all of the information that you will need, especially under the schedule of events section to follow.

The staff of The Club Cabaret, the Ramada Inn, and especially USA Unlimited wants your week to be a pleasant experience. No damage to the host club or hotel will be tolerated, and understand that we will help to prosecute any person or persons causing damage to either place. Letís have a good time!

Each contestant is responsible for ensuring that each person in his/her party has proper identification. The Club Cabaret is an 18 and over club, and in the state of North Carolina everyone must have a VALID ID for entrance into the Host Bar. **Please do not come to us asking for special help. We must help protect the bar from unnecessary problems, and that will remain our first priority!

Meetings and Rehearsals

Because of the logistics associated with organizing a national contest of this size, all contestants are expected to arrive for all meetings and rehearsals approximately ten (10) minutes before the scheduled time. Contestants who arrive for a meeting or rehearsal after the scheduled time will be penalized administrative points.

The contestant registration and Welcome Party will be held at the Club Cabaret (TBA). At this registration, please be prepared for the following:

Youíll draw your contestant number, after which youíll have a few minutes to exchange with anyone willing to do so.
Total event passes and dresser / dancer passes will be available to purchase at registration.
Please have your hotel room number with you to list with Jeff Reeves. We need to be able to contact you in case of any changes in the schedule.

Personal Interview

The judging panel will interview each contestant individually. The purpose of the Personal Interview in the USA system is to allow the judges some insight into the character of each contestant. During the interview, the judges are also afforded the opportunity to evaluate each contestantís basic qualities, such as intelligence, ability to communicate, attitude, composure, etc. The judges may also gather information about a contestantís professional or personal life. Your score will carry over to the Final Night competition. ****Please note that you will be filling out Official USA Unlimited Questionnaires, Resumes will not be accepted this year.

The basic nature of the interview is intended to be casual and relaxed. The suggested attire for the interview is casual daywear; however, each contestant should select clothing in which he feels at ease. You should dress as you would for a professional job interview. Your interview will be held at the host hotel, The Ramada Inn.

Judging of Personal Interview will be broken down into three sub-categories:
Content of Answer - Up to 10 points can be awarded per judge
Eye Contact / Posture - Up to 7 points can be awarded per judge
Overall Appearance - Up to 3 points can be awarded per judge

Opening Production

The final night Opening Production for the Mr. Gay USA contest will involve formers in the production and introduce you in your Club Wear. All contestants are required to appear in the Opening Production, although this is not a scored category in the competition. There will be rehearsals for this production that are mandatory!

***Contestants should wear the Club Wear that they want to be judged in for the opening production, as this category will be judged immediately after the announcement of Top 10! You will not have time to change before competition.

Final Night Scoring

The final night competition will be comparative judging in the Club Wear, Talent, and Swim Wear categories. Personal Interview scoring will carry over into your final scores. The Top 10 will consist of the highest point accumulators overall in the Preliminary competition. All contestants will receive their judgesí comments sheets when leaving the stage and any conference with the judges should be requested. Final night scoring will be the following:

Club Wear - 1 to 20 points per judge (increments of 1)
Talent - 2 to 30 points per judge (increments of 2)
Swim Wear - 2 to 30 points per judge (increments of 2)

***Final Night Judging will add 2 additional judges and each contestantís high and low score will be dropped.

Talent Competition

Talent may be any type of entertainment presentation as long as it does not create any danger or injury to either the contestant or anyone else. No live animals or reptiles may be used in your talent presentation. Talent presentation is limited to seven (7) minutes in length. **You will have a mandatory talent rehearsal on the afternoon of the night your group does Talent (see Scheduled Events) and your talent presentation will be timed. Any talent selection over 7 minutes will have administrative points deducted, and taken off of your overall preliminary scores. There is no restriction on the number of people who may be involved in the presentation. Due to problems in the past, we will need a complete listing of all dancers involved in the talent presentation at registration. **The stage measurements are 20 ft wide x 17 ft deep (w/ 3 ft behind the curtain).

Music for the talent must be recorded on a CD (track 1) and clearly marked with the contestants name only. No cassettes will be accepted. Contestants are strongly advised to make a back up copy of their talent and bring it to the pageant as a safety precaution. All talent music should be turned in at rehearsal and you will not receive these CDís back until following the contest. Make sure to bring a spare copy.

Your music should be recorded on CD-R, track 1. You should have a crown number following it directly on track 2. Please do not use commercial CDís where there are additional tracks on your disk. Please make sure your CD is labeled with the contestant name only.

We have allowed a limited time in the schedule for individual contestant rehearsal. This will allow time for sound checks, blocking and lighting cues. Be sure you are well organized for this time, as time is limited. Each contestant MUST attend rehearsals for your group. This will be when your talent is timed! Please be sure to take advantage of this rehearsal time, you can never be too ready for competition.

Back up entertainers will be allowed downstairs only for a certain amount of time before your talent presentation. It is very important to coordinate with the backstage personnel as to when your talent number is and how many people will need to change. Please be ready for the talent number and practice at the rehearsal, or in your room, do not have loud music playing in the dressing area trying to put your talent together at the last minute, be respectful of the others competing.
Large props will not be allowed during this competition. Only small and handheld props can be used during this contest, things you can carry on and off quickly.

Judging of Preliminary Night Talent will be broken down into four (4) sub-categories:
(a) Entertainment Value - Up to 10 points can be awarded per judge
(b) Overall Quality of Production - - Up to 10 points can be awarded per judge
(c) Lip Sync / Live Presentation - Up to 5 points can be awarded per judge
(d) Props / Back-up / Stage Presence - Up to 5 points can be awarded per judge

Program Advertising

Pat McKinney will do this year the Official Mr. Gay USA  Final Night program. The information for submitting any advertisements is listed on the website, but a few of the high points are listed below:

Last day to submit an ad will be Monday July 18th. Please reserve your space early.
Order forms are now on-line and available
You can email Pat directly at or call @ 540-529-6363.
Inside Front Cover & Inside Back Cover will be sold this year, first come first serve.
Please do not wait until the last minute to submit your ad, as space as limited in this program.

In Closing

Whether or not this is your first experience with male competition, itís very important to read through this handbook and note any important information that pertains to you, such as mandatory meetings, registration information, etc. This is especially true for returning contestants, as much of this information has changed to meet the needs of the increasing awareness to fairness and flexibility.

No matter what the outcome of this contest, we want you to always play to win and know that USA Unlimited will strive to keep this event fair and pick only the best and most competent judges. We know that everyone spends a large amount of time and money on getting to this event and want your time to be enjoyable and satisfying. Unfortunately, not everyone can win and at the end of this weekend we will only have one declared winner. Please ask yourself before arriving to compete if youíve done absolutely everything to ensure that youíll win this contest, and if not then work hard to be as competitive as possible. We promise you that the best person will win this contest, not the one who has competed the longest, or the most well known. If you bring the best overall package to this competition then youíll win this contest, but be prepared to battle because your competitors will be tough and ready as well.

The hardest part of being Mr. Gay USA is not in winning. But as many of the formers will tell you, itís the year of hard work to ensure that youíre being the best that you can be with this title. Youíll be expected to serve this title for 12 months and you will be under contract with USA Unlimited starting the night that youíre crowned. The contract tab below contains the information on the actual contract that you will sign  please read it carefully to be sure that youíre willing to fulfill the needs of this title. You must sign this contract on the night of crowning in order to carry this title, if you are not willing to sign and uphold these requirements you will forfeit this title immediately.

Good luck in your quest this year!!!!!!!!!

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