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USA Unlimited Titleholder Contract


Title Holder Obligations - Titleholder shall attend and participate in, as a representative of USA Unlimited, all State and Regional Contests leading to the 2006 National Contest during the year of your reign. The Promoter and USA Unlimited will set these contests forth. All expenses of the Title Holder, as set forth in the Promoters Rules and Regulations, shall be at the expense of the State or Regional promoter. These expenses are, but are not limited to, the cost of transportation, lodging, and the performance fee of $200 per night of entertaining. The State and Regional Promoters are only required to use the services of Title Holder for only one night during their contest, the final night of their contest.

Bookings - All entertaining and/or appearances of an official nature by Title Holder at a preliminary or contest of another National Contest System must be cleared and approved by USA Unlimited. Title Holder is an official representative of USA Unlimited and therefore is representing the Contest, Promoter, and USA Unlimited.

Title Holderís Responsibilities - The Title Holder agrees to hold the title, the USA Unlimited system, Mr. Gay USA, and itís State and Regional Promoters, Local Promoters, and franchises in the highest esteem. Title Holder agrees that while appearing, entertaining, or representing the Title during the year of his reign to the following:

a. Not to appear drunk in a public place

b. Not to commit acts of a sexual nature in a public place

c. Not to commit acts of a violent nature in a public place

d. Not to use illegal drugs

e. Not to commit the act of stealing

f. Not to participate in malicious gossip

g. To attend and participate in the Mr. Gay USA 2006 contest at such time and place as set forth by USA Unlimited

h. Not to be deemed guilty of any other unreasonable act that is considered demeaning to the Title or the Promoter

i. To perform at least three (3) times during the State or Regional Contest, unless otherwise instructed by the contest promoter

j. Title Holder agrees to provide a satisfactory publicity photograph with crown, within thirty (30) days of assuming the Title, for use by the Promoter and USA Unlimited

k. Title Holder agrees to keep a valid telephone number in service during the year of his reign

l. Not to perform completely nude at any time

m. Title Holder agrees to have a valid email address within seven (7) days of winning and keep it active for entire reign.

n. Title Holder will have to provide bi-month reports to Vice President of Operations for USA Unlimited on preliminary updates, bookings, and other business pertaining to his reign.

Promoterís Responsibilities - Promoterís Responsibilities to the Title Holder shall be:

o. To permit the Title Holder the booking rights as sited in Articles 1 and 2

p. To provide the Title Holder with all necessary information on a timely basis, as available, concerning State and Regional Contests

q. To pay all monies, awards and prizes, as long as the Title Holder is not in default under this Contract as follows:

r. $1500 and other awards only as listed in the contestantís application for contest upon winning the Title and,

s. $500 upon completion of Final Night of the Mr. Gay USA 2006 Contest

t. To provide 4 tickets to Final Night of the Mr. Gay USA 2006 Contest

u. To Provide one (1) page in the 2006 Program Book for titleholders use in addition to the cover

Certain Rights Reserved by Title Holder - As long as the Title Holder is not in default under this contract, he shall have the following rights:

ō To enjoy the rights of privileges of said Title

ō To be allowed bookings, subject to Article 1, 2, and 6, contained herein, and for such fees as stated for Local and Regional Contests

ō Other private bookings, approved by Promoter when necessary, shall be for whatever fee as Title Holder feels is justified

ō Move freely throughout the United States

Certain Rights Reserved for Promoter - The following rights are reserved to Promoter:

ō To have and retain paramount title to Title at all times

ō To change the title of Mr. Gay USA at its own discretion

ō Take the title without question at the 2-month review of titleholder, in this case the review is scheduled for Friday October 7, 2005 in Hickory, NC.

ō To approve all bookings at other National Events or Preliminaries, subject to Articles 1, 2, and 5 contained herein, of Title Holder

ō To reasonably set forth Rules and Regulations concerning conduct of holders of the Title

ō To set the dates, times, and places of all future Mr. Gay USA Contests and to make reasonable bookings for Title Holder. Said bookings will be confirmed with Title Holder at least ten (10) days prior to said bookings and said bookings shall be made in a manner as to not cause conflict with Title Holderís schedule.

Promoterís Remedies - If Title Holder defaults under this contract, Promoter may treat any one or more of the foregoing occurrences as a breach of this Contract, and thereupon at its option may, without notice or demand of any kind (which Title Holder hereby expressly waives), to title holder or any other person, have, but not limited to, any or all of the following remedies:

v. Revoke the Title from the Title Holder

w. Demand the return of all prizes, awards, and/or monies given to Title Holder

x. Refuse entry into any of Promoterís franchised Mr. Gay USA preliminary Contests.

y. Pass the Title to the 1st Alternate or any other person felt to be qualified by Promoter.

z. Refuse booking of an Official nature to Title Holder and

aa. To assess fines for breach of any part of the Contract. Said fines shall not exceed the amount of Five Hundred dollars ($500) per offense, but may be at a lower amount as set forth and determined by Promoter.


bb. All rights and remedies of Promoter under this Contract shall be cumulative and none shall exclude any other rights and remedies by law.

cc. The word ĎPromoterí shall be construed to mean Promoters in all cases where there is more than one promoter and necessary grammatical changes required to make the provisions hereof apply to corporations or individuals, or men or women, shall be assumed as though in each case fully expressed.


Release -

Title Holder agrees to release and hold harmless USA Unlimited, Promoter, and the Official Mr. Gay USA Contest, their agents, servants, and employees, and licensees from any liability, and/or responsibility whatsoever, resulting from, associated with, or arising out of Title Holderís participation in the Mr. Gay USA Contest System, in any duly franchised Mr. Gay USA Preliminary Contest, and/or Title including, but not limited to, personal injury, or loss or damage to personal property regardless of whether the loss or injury occurs before, during, or after the Mr. Gay USA Contest, duly franchised Mr. Gay USA Preliminary Contest or any related activity, including, but not limited to, the National Contest, State or Regional Contests, and their related activities.

Title Holder also hereby releases himself from any and all rights to any video taping (sound and/or video), photography, recording, still camera, or motion picture of the Mr. Gay USA Contest or any duly franchised Mr. Gay USA Preliminary Contest. Title Holder also understands the he has or will have no rights to any of the recordings arising out of said contests that Title Holder may appear in or on, or the future sale thereof.

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